A peek inside the fascinating world of the creative atelier behind timeless collections. 

Celebrating talent and creativity 

Every day, at our atelier, our master artisans work on unique pieces made by hand, with the highest precision and attention to detail. That’s how beautiful, thoughtful, and long-lasting pieces are born. Our products embody the spirit of their inception bringing forth local craftsmanship, distinctive pieces, and the stories behind. We develop a close relationship with selected master artisans and nurture a dynamic and unrivaled environment to work together, share, and express themselves. 

Exaltation of colors, patterns and fabrics 

Our atelier comes to life with breathtaking colors, patterns, and fabrics, all thoughtfully curated. Aida and Frank find inspiration through their journeys across the region and the world, relentlessly in search of the finest ethical materials.

A world without boundaries 

We believe in the disruptive power of creativity. At our atelier, our master artisans work with the shared desire to push the limits of inventiveness, express their passion, and perpetuate traditions, in a world without boundaries; a place where selected artisans transform raw materials into luxurious pieces that define Orient 499’s style. 


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