The romantic message in Rajwa Al-Saif’s engagement abaya

Rajwa Al-Saif wearing a abaya on her engagement

We are delighted that Rajwa Al-Saif chose to wear our Birds of Peace Abaya for the formal announcement of her engagement to Prince Hussein bin Abdullah. The abaya is crafted from a rare handwoven silk and linen fabric and is hand-embroidered with beautiful bird and floral motifs. The two birds on the back represent two lovers united; a romantic meaning which made it the ideal choice for such a happy occasion.

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A woman wearing a abaya with hand embroidered birds at Orient 499

The front and the back of the abaya are hand embroidered with sequins and beads in our atelier by our artisans. The intricate hand embroidery takes about three weeks to produce. The design was conceived by co-founder and fashion designer Aida Kawas in 2013, and due to its popularity, we have reproduced it but in limited quantities. The attention to detail as well as the lightness of the fabric made this item a bestseller, and it has been produced a few times ever since its creation in 2013, but for a total number of 12 pieces throughout the years.

Take a closer look at the piece that’s had everyone talking this week.

a hand embroidered abaya with birds

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