Orient 499 lands in Dubai at Iwan Maktabi Lab


Orient 499 is launching a pop-up store at Iwan Maktabi Lab in AlSerkal Avenue, the Dubai distinctive art and culture district, starting March 1st. Bringing forth the best of both worlds, this collaboration stems from Orient 499’s commitment to pursue the journey of unique artisanal pieces across the region and beyond, and empower local artisans’ community. It comes as a natural evolution of its commitment to promote cultural handicrafts and luxury slow fashion, and is in perfect harmony with Iwan Maktabi’s ambition to preserve its precious heritage, three generations of expertise in the carpet industry.



Orient 499 uncovers its enchanting world over 150 square meters with pieces that tell fascinating stories: from clothing to Art de La Table, wall art, soaps, accessories, and furniture, all delicately handmade in the Levant.  


Taking this collaboration further, Orient 499 will be revealing the carpet design created along with Iwan Maktabi. Orient 499 will present as well the Ramadan  clothing collection and a selection of exclusive handicrafts from the region. The event taking place in warehouse 32 at Al Serkal Avenue, is a group exhibition including limited edition carpets and crafted collectible objects by Lebanese renowned creatives: Rumi Dalle, David/Nicolas, Orient 499,  Georges Mohasseb, Roula Salamoun, Nadine Kanso, BOKJA, Tamara Barrage, Thomas Trad and Carlo Massoud. It illustrates the true grit of Lebanese creatives within the country’s difficult circumstances, and represents a form of hope according to Iwan Maktabi. 

In times where sharing has made collaboration an innovation catalyst by combining ideas, disciplines and  cultures, this partnership boasts a magical experience, blending traditions with contemporary art. Orient 499 is constantly seeking to expand its territory, from fashion, home décor and accessories, to  carpets and more, from Lebanon to all around the world, taking cultural heritage beyond the seas.

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Do you still have the pop up store in Dubai?

Deb October 11, 2022

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