Rebuilding Beirut Thread by Thread


How could you express hope in times like this?

Just in time for the holidays, Orient 499 decides to join forces with Live Love Beirut, a non-profit organization based in Beirut. 

As a social enterprise on a mission to build communities who create hope & positive impact for nature, society and culture, Live Love Beirut’s mission falls in line with the vision of Orient 499 to create sustainable luxury and support the disappearing sector of cultural handicrafts.

This collaboration contributes to the rebuild of #Beirut while promoting the Lebanese cultural heritage and helping bring back the beauty of Lebanon.

With a firm belief in products with a conscience and a dedication to support local craftsmanship, Orient 499 has pride in creating an exclusive limited-edition hand embroidery of the celebrated Live Love Beirut logo. This adornment can be sewed by our team of local craftsmen and women to the back of any Orient 499 jellaba. Orient 499 jellabas are meticulously crafted from pure cotton and Belgian linen.

The proceeds of the jellaba will go to Live Love Beirut’s initiative “Live Love Build” that aims to rebuild Beirut following the Beirut explosion on the 4th of August, 2020. The Live Love team has been relentlessly working to support those in need.  Some of their achievements include the completion of fifty-four properties while forty-five others are under construction and the protection of ten heritage properties whereas one hundred fifty properties are in the pipeline.

As a Lebanese brand that represents a mindful Lebanon, the beauty of its cities and the talent of its people, Orient 499 is proud to collaborate with Live Love Beirut to continue to support and contribute to the revival of Lebanon.  

Join us this holiday season in supporting Live Love Beirut and express your love for Lebanon with a customized hand-embroidered Jellaba, wherever you are in the world. 

Make a statement with Orient 499 x Live Love Beirut for a better Lebanon and a better home. 

Happy Holidays. 

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Hello. Beautiful work how to buy?

Dilara El-Assaad October 11, 2022

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