Pop-up Store at THAT Concept Store in Dubai

Embarking on an immersive experience

Orient 499 launches a pop-up store in THAT Concept Store – Dubai

Orient 499 is seeking to extend its cultural heritage beyond the seas and blend its exclusive handcrafted selection. This is why Orient 499 is launching a pop-up store starting January 16, 2022 in the unique world of THAT concept store in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. 


The Majid Al Futtaim’s innovative concept store is a multicultural hub of creativity, offering a distinctive experience, and bringing together regional and global luxury brands and contemporary designs. From fashion to trendy lifestyle, as well as design and jewelry, THAT concept is a cosmos of luxury, the perfect place to connect, interact, and foster self-expression. 

Self-expression through traditional yet modern statement pieces is exactly what Orient 499 brings, while constantly supporting Lebanese and regional artisans. The pop-up will feature Orient 499's finest selection of kaftans, dresses, furniture, handicrafts and accessories. By creating an immersive and engaging experience with the pop-up store at THAT concept store in Dubai, the brand aims to build long-lasting bonds. This new approach to luxury retail is tailored to their environment and lifestyles, and allows  the brand to communicate its universe and tell the story behind every handcrafted piece, taking sustainable luxury to the next level.

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