Our textile journey

The fabric of our society, procured from around the world 

The creation of a piece of clothing begins with selecting the finest fabric. Keen to create sustainable high quality fashion as we believe deeply in conscientious living, we at Orient 499 have made the choice since the beginning to be rigorous in sourcing fabrics, touring the world to  select the most refined textiles aimed for their unique collection of clothing.

An enchanting journey 

A fabric must be inspiring and tell a story. Traveling from France and Belgium, to India, Turkey  and Japan, to name a few, Orient 499 embarks on a magical journey draped with dreams of silk,  cotton, linen, cashmere and lace…in a passionate search for the most splendid fabrics from  around the world. 

From eternal Italy comes the silk, cotton, wool and cashmere for designs that are enhanced  with embroideries and chosen directly from the most renowned “maisons” in France. The  journey continues to Belgium where refined linen is carefully chosen, giving any Orient 499  fashion piece this airy yet elegant look every client looks for.  


In search for the most luxurious textiles, the Orient 499 team doesn’t hesitate to go to the most  remote places in India, looking for silk, silk brocade, embroideries, and hand woven cotton for  which this mystic country is renowned. Indeed, India offers the most beautiful fabrics which  mesmerize not only our eyes but all our senses as well. 


Japan is another story where the journey gets more exotic with the unique Japanese cotton that is harvested by hand, making the fibers more stress resistant, uniform, durable and fine – the ideal textile for any piece of clothing. 

A stop is mandatory in Turkey, which boasts some of the world’s most intricate and stunning textiles that surprisingly vary greatly in style, design and colors with a unique and peculiar blend of color and patterns. 

Ethical unique selection 

We are well aware that consumers nowadays are more aware of the importance of  sustainability, and they undoubtedly look for it when purchasing an outfit. As such, having made the choice to create sustainable fashion from day one, we, at Orient 499, source fabric from small, ethical manufacturers that follow international standards and are respectful to  nature.  

Our textiles are selected in small quantities to add more meaning and uniqueness to the  finished product, as each collection we design has a limited number of pieces, allowing our  customers to enjoy a certain distinctiveness in each purchased piece. Indeed, our designs stem  from an oriental inspiration, with a modern twist. We thrive to bring something new to the  market, unique in its form, and by using the most beautiful, sustainable and ethical fabrics.


Sustainable Lebanese heritage 

Orient 499’s fashion goal has always been to build a like-minded community of people who  have a passion for luxurious and sustainable slow-fashion. Moreover, preserving and promoting  Lebanese heritage and traditions is the brand’s main objective. It achieved great success in this task by having its designs on paper take shape thanks to skilled craftsmen and craftswomen from all regions in Lebanon, in which artisanal work represents a mindful society.  

Orient 499 supports local artisans, and mostly empowers women so that Lebanese handicrafts with a  modern twist are passed on for generations to come, ensuring the longevity of this traditional highly sought-after art.


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