Loro Piana, legendary fabrics

Loro Piana, legendary fabrics for a luxurious collection 

 “There's a reason good fabrics have a cost. They're done with good quality to last.” Zac Posen 

The narrative of a beautiful unique garment begins with the fabric. The world of fashion is not merely a matter of creating the style, but more about finding the fabrics that will allow the simplest designs to elegantly stand out. Committed to excellence, Orient 499 journeys across the world in the pursuit of the best fabrics, one of them being the iconic Italian Loro Piana, renowned for their finest cashmere.

Creating emotions 

Originally from Trivero, northern Italy, Loro Piana is known internationally for the finest materials and textiles in the world. The search for excellence has been their mission for six generations.

Renowned for their Italian craftsmanship, they produce the most exceptional suiting fabric. Loro Piana cashmere and merino wool are sourced from the most distant lands where these highly prized fibers are locally produced. 

The merino wool comes mainly from Australia and New Zealand, where merino sheep have found their ideal habitat, producing a type of wool so soft that it can be worn directly on the skin!

Originally from Mongolia, this fabric is known as Mongolia’s gold because it is produced with the highest quality fibers and made from the wool of cashmere and pashmina goats. 


Loro Piana collection, a sensory experience

For its cashmere collection of splendid abayas, ponchos and jackets, Orient 499 has sourced the finest textiles from iconic Loro Piana mills.

Comfortable to wear, whether over a suit for a sophisticated allure, a pair of jeans for a casual yet stylish look, or just to chill at home, this unique collection offers a sensory experience of an unrivaled blend of warmth and softness.

Our collection of different designs is made of the world's highest quality wool, which is a natural, renewable fiber that is thinner and softer than regular wool, enhanced for some designs by delicate hand embroidery on the bodice and tassels patiently sewed by gifted Lebanese local craftsmen. 

 By mixing the beauty of luxurious fabrics with the expertise of highly gifted local talents, Orient 499 is building through sumptuous fashion a community of people who devote their traditional art and passion for design toward enduring high quality fashion.

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