In 2006, Frank Luca and Aida Kawas founded a 100% conceived, designed and produced Lebanese brand. Featuring perfectly imperfect pieces, Orient 499 works with many local artisans sharing ideas with them and overseeing the production of products, from coppersmiths to glass artisans, soap makers, woodmen, embroiderers and couturiers and many more.



With a firm belief in products with a conscience, we pride ourselves in creating all our pieces by hand and are dedicated to supporting local craftsmen and women in the community. Our goal is to preserve and promote our Lebanese heritage by encouraging more craftsmen and women to pursue traditional Lebanese handicrafts so that they can be passed on for generations to come. In this way, we bring a modern touch to traditional local handicrafts, hopefully contributing to the longevity of the craft.

Our Values

The vision of our brand is to create sustainable luxury using the most splendid handicraft legacies in our region. We strongly believe that our intention in promoting sustainable luxury will play a promising role in supporting the disappearing sector of cultural handicrafts.

 Our mission is inscribed in a coherent and meaningful high fashion garment line and homeware items that created grounds for ethical products while ensuring sustainability of local strengths.

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