Pomegranate Tree Branch with Talismans


This free formed metal mural by Abdallah Hatoum is made of foliage and pomegranates and holds reinterpretations of three old Persian seals, as receptacles for Sufi poetry. Among the branches are verses by sufi poet El Hallaj about love and longing.

Poem translation: "I swear to God, the sun has never risen or set without Your love being entwined with my breath; Neither have I confided in anyone Except to talk about You. Never have I mentioned Your name in gladness or in sorrow, Unless You were in my heart, wedged in my obsessive thoughts. Nor have I touched water to quench my thirst without seeing a glimpse of You in the glass. Were it possible for me to reach You, I would come to You at once, crawling on my face or walking on my head."

- 1.23x1.7 cm
- Oxidized metal with black and red coated metal
- Three talisman pieces

Made in Lebanon

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