We, at Orient 499, firmly believe that sustainability and empowerment do create positive change. Today we partner with more than a hundred artisans across the region and beyond with the purpose of empowering sustainable livelihood. It is about promoting all components of sustainability at every business level and building artisan capacity to empower vulnerable communities and preserve cultural heritage. 

Sustainability is about our children and our grandchildren, and the world we will leave them 

The artisan partners of Orient 499 lead complex lives. The added income not only helps their families and communities and helps prepare future generations, it also provides  hem with a safe working environment to achieve their own professional dreams and develop their individual skills. 

The impact is life-changing for them: access to resources, capacity building, entitlements, building self-confidence, and above all, an increased quality of life while preserving cultural handicrafts. These craftspeople have learned their traditional skills  from their parents, who in turn learned the skills from their parents, keeping alive centuries-old tradition of knowledge and skill inheritance. The crafts cover a wide array of mediums such as copper, brass, glass, soap, wood, embroideries and many more. Empowering them means enabling them to gain economic independence and confidence in their work. 

Orient 499 promotes sustainability and empowerment as core values  

Orient 499 Focuses on enhancing livelihoods of artisans by enabling craft-based skill development. We think about a future in which human, societal, economic, and environmental considerations are balanced, in the pursuit of an improved quality of life. This means to preserve future generations and to acknowledge that what we do has an impact on others and on the world. It also means to build the capacity of communities to respond to a changing environment and to support the disappearing sector of cultural handicrafts. 

It’s important for everyone to understand the role they can play in achieving sustainability and empowering craftspeople. It is everyone’s duty to make the world a better place.

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