The Classic Collection

Timeless, elegant and unique our Classic Collection is the foundation of the Orient 499 brand. Bold shapes, intricate embroidery and beautiful fabrics are at the core of everything we do.

A woman is sitting on a sofa wearing a green jellaba

Beautifully cut dresses, elegant kaftans and unique artisanal techniques, the Orient 499 style is defined by designs that revive timeless silhouettes. Most of our classic cuts come from the brand’s early models; they are born to last and never go out of style. All our clothing is made with meticulous attention to detail using the best fabrics, combining iconic classic cuts and unique and distinctive details. We know that neutral colors are timeless, but we trust that the most vibrant ones can be eternal. 

We offer easy to wear, classic yet contemporary designs. Some of our key pieces have been reinvented many times as over the years and remain relevant today. Simple yet chic, our Fahed Jellaba most often cut from cotton or linen, is a foundational item; comfortable and easy to wear, specially made to keep you cool in the summer heat. Wear it over a bikini or as loungewear: its beauty is in its versatility. 

The Farida Cotton Dress

The Farida Cotton Dress, one of our best sellers, is simple yet elegant, created from poplin cotton and elevated by its intricate embroidered details on the chest, can be worn day or night. The Salma Tareq Jacket, embroidered on silk in an array of colors, is named after the Tareq technique - a distinctive way of hammering metal threads into the fabric to create unique patterns made by hand by women in the Bekaa valley.

a woman is wearing a cotton white dress

The Kawas Silk Jacket

You can also opt for the Kawas Embroidered Jacket, an item that never goes out of style. Inspired by Ottoman patterns and embroidered with twisted threads, intricately embroidered buttons with sleeves and cuff detailing, this jacket is an all-time best seller.

a woman is wearing an embroidered jacket

The Ouns Cotton Dress

Finally, our Ouns Cotton Dress is made to wear everywhere and always feel fabulous and feminine. This fresh white version, in cotton began life as a private order, but we loved it so much we decided it was too perfect not to share. Crisp and clean with a truly divine shape, its fitted shoulders and bust create the perfect contrast with its flouncy, tiered and voluminous body. The floral patterns on the arms make this a one of a kind piece

a woman wearing a pink dress

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